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(Deutsch) Rede von Respect beim Aktionstag von “Welcome2Stay” am 18. März 2017

20 Mar

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

(Deutsch) Protestaktion von respect und Solidarity City vor dem Roten Rathaus zu Koalitionsverhandlungen in Berlin

20 Nov


Solidarity statement with the refugees in the occupied school in Berlin

2 Jul


Conference Report

26 Mar

On November 9th 2013 Respect and Attac Gender AG hosted a conference with the title: “Do you want to build a fairer world, but don’t know how?” Here is a report from the event by Emilia Roig (in english and german) »

(Deutsch) Rückblick und Selbstreflexion

27 Dec


(Deutsch) Haushaltsarbeiterin erstreitet nachträglich ihren Lohn

29 Nov


(Deutsch) Austritt aus dem AK undokumentierte Arbeit in ver.di

27 Nov


ILO Convention for domestic workers’ rights

6 May

16th of June 2011 the International Labour Organization ILO aproved a Convention (number 189) for the protection of domestic workers’ rights worldwide. Here is our press release in german and spanish

Know your workers’ rights!

6 May

Videoclip “Know your rights” of the AK Undocumented Work in the trade union ver.di Berlin