Testimonials of women without papers about the current situation – texts

19 Apr

woman 5

Good evening everyone I would like to share  the challenges and struggles I am facing as an undocumented woman during this covid19 global pandemic. I lost my job after the restaurant i was working for closed down. As an informal worker,  it means no compensation for abrupt dismissal from work. Without proper contract, I have little bargaining power. I come from a poor background wth high level of household debt. This has eroded my capacity to cope wth added shock of lock down. I have 2 sons, and parents who depend on me. My mother is asthmatic and depends on regular medicine. As for me I, take regular medicine for highblood pressure and asthma. No work means no money and no money means no food, medicine and money to cover rent and other bills . I can survive for one week or two but I don’t know what will happen in a months time.


woman 6

Hello sisters.. My situation is very bad since I don’t have papers and nowhere I can get a job at this time of the corona virus.. I have three children depending on me and I cannot be able to provide for them at this moment… I also take care of my ailing  dad since I’m the only member if my family who have managed to atleast look for greener pastures therefore I’m appealing to you members of this group to assist me as you have been doing and my life will be a bit easier.. thank you very much for your continued  support

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