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Conference Report

26 Mar

On November 9th 2013 Respect and Attac Gender AG hosted a conference with the title: “Do you want to build a fairer world, but don’t know how?” Here is a report from the event by Emilia Roig (in english and german) »

(Deutsch) Rückblick und Selbstreflexion

27 Dec


(Deutsch) Haushaltsarbeiterin erstreitet nachträglich ihren Lohn

29 Nov


(Deutsch) Austritt aus dem AK undokumentierte Arbeit in ver.di

27 Nov


ILO Convention for domestic workers’ rights

6 May

16th of June 2011 the International Labour Organization ILO aproved a Convention (number 189) for the protection of domestic workers’ rights worldwide. Here is our press release in german and spanish

Know your workers’ rights!

6 May

Videoclip “Know your rights” of the AK Undocumented Work in the trade union ver.di Berlin